Skander has been both the funny guy in the drama room and the dark guy (often literally) in the comedy room. Drama credits include the cult Sundance feature Pretty Persuasion, a pilot for 20th Television, and Hallmark’s Good Witch. Comedy credits include CBS’ The Unicorn and Murphy Brown revival, and the all-South Asian sketch team The Get Brown. His pilot Model Minority made the final round in the comedy category of this program.

As a Canadian/American dual citizen, small town-to-big city transplant, Jewish convert, and son of a Muslim Bangladeshi father and Catholic Dutch mother, Skander has had exposure to a wide variety of cultures that traditionally dislike each other. This makes his writing complex and layered, or something like that.

Nathan X
An ex-con who converted to Islam in prison is recruited as a special advisor by the police department of a heavily Muslim-populated town in Michigan.

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