The WGA has successfully completed its campaign to end conflicted agency practices and require agencies to align their interests with writers. In March 2019, 95.3% of our members voted to impose an Agency Code of Conduct. A month later, 7000-plus writers terminated their representation with all unfranchised agencies. For the 22 months following—and bolstered by the remarkable solidarity of the membership—the WGA negotiated franchise agreements with essentially every agency in Hollywood including the big four: UTA, ICM, CAA and on Feb. 5, 2021, WME. On June 30, 2022, the sunset period on packaging ended, prohibiting franchised agencies from packaging WGA-covered projects. This victory marks another key moment in WGA history when writers stood their ground and fought for the greater good of their colleagues and generations of writers to come.

Agency Campaign: The Issues
Learn why writers fought to end agencies’ conflict of interest.

Agency Campaign Timeline
Learn about the development of this historic campaign.

Franchised Agency FAQ
Here is information for members who are now represented by an agency franchised by the WGA.

Agency Agreements
Franchise Agreements are landmark agreements that realign agency incentives with their writer-clients and eliminate the conflicts of interest inherent in agencies’ receipt of packaging fees and financial interest in production entities.