The research-based resources below were released by the WGAW and partners to shed light on the state of the industry and barriers to full inclusion and equity. Except where explicitly noted, these materials have not been vetted or endorsed by the Guild.

Inclusion & Equity Report 2022: This report provides summary information regarding the demographics of working screen and television writers in recent years, along with historical data from 10 years ago, to show to what extent the employment demographics have changed.

WGAW Screen Inclusion Report (2021): As part of efforts to call attention to the lack of inclusion and equity in the entertainment industry, the WGAW is releasing its Screen Inclusion Report, which provides data on the feature film industry from the 2020 calendar year.

WGAW Inclusion Report (2020): As part of its efforts to call attention to the lack of inclusion and equity in the entertainment industry, the WGAW released this data-driven report on the status of writers from historically underrepresented groups.

The State Of Career Advancement For Diverse Hollywood Writers (2019): The WGA commissioned this study to more systematically consider the experiences of Hollywood writers with industry diversity and inclusion programs.

Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity (TTIE): Through research, TTIE aims to capture the challenges besetting underrepresented TV writers and provide proven best practices to guide industry professionals. TTIE is an independent consortium of working TV writers, spanning staff writer to showrunner, advocates within the entertainment industry for a diverse cross-section of underrepresented communities. It also promotes employment resources, educational tools, and community building efforts among underrepresented writers.

Employing Writers With Disabilities (2021): This practical guide was developed by the Media Access Awards, with support from Easterseals Disability Services and the WGAW Disabled Writers Committee.

Anti-Racism Resources: The current national discourse on racial justice has led many writers to ask how they can do their part, in their personal lives and through their work, to dismantle white supremacy. The Guild has provided this list of articles, books, and other media, that members can use to further, or begin, their personal anti-racism journey.

The Hollywood Writers Report and TV Staffing Brief: A series of reports, released from 2007-2016 by the WGAW, examining employment and earnings trends for writers in the entertainment industry.