101 Greatest Screenplays of the 21st Century (*so far)

We begin the story of the decline of Western civilization with a Harvard sophomore who suffers from an acute case of logorrhea returning to his dorm room after a bad date. Blowing off steam with a light bit of hacking, he soon creates a platform to rate coeds called FaceMash. From there, Aaron Sorkin with expert pacing and time shifts, turns the Facebook origin story into a taut courtroom drama (technically, depositions), pitting the aforementioned outcast Mark Zuckerberg against twin Harvard jocks the Winklevoss twins. There are no heroes for the IP dispute in this screenplay, which won the 2011 Writers Guild Award for Adapted Screenplay. It is uncanny how prescient the portrayal of Zuckerberg feels today, however: After all, he’s referred to as an “asshole” in the very first scene.