101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: NBC, 1982-1993

The qualities that made The Mary Tyler Moore Show a seminal sitcom in the 1970s gave Cheers the same importance to the '80s. At the height of the multi-camera sitcom format that would come to make sitcoms feel all the more mass-produced, Cheers conveyed a sense of real place, and the show's jokes came from clearly established characters and relationships the main one being the pas de deux between ex-jock bar owner Sam Malone and his new well-read waitress Diane Chambers. Created by brothers Glen and Les Charles and director James Burrows, Cheers placed 75th in the Nielsen ratings in its first year on the air, before going on to become a cornerstone in NBC's long run of hit "must-see" comedies The Cosby Show, Seinfeld and Friends. According to TV.com, Cheers, over the course of its 11 seasons, saw 58 writers come through its room.

Credited Writers

Jeff Abugov
Cecile Alch
Tom Anderson
David Angell
Nick Arnold
Larry Balmagia
Rick Beren
James Burrows
Rod Burton
Peter Casey
Glen Charles
Les Charles
Rebecca Parr Cioffi
Chris Cluess
Andy Cowan
Elias Davis
Jeffrey Duteil
Ken Estin
Fred Graver
Katherine Green
Norm Gunzenhauser
Susan Herring
Kimberly Hill
David Isaacs
Stuart Kreisman
Janet Leahy
David Lee
Tom Leopold
Lissa Levin
Ken Levine
David Lloyd
Rob Long
Tracy Newman
Patricia Niedzialek
Dan O'Shannon
Joanne Pagliaro
Daniel Palladino
Jim Parker
Heide Perlman
Brian Pollack
David Pollock
Earl Pomerantz
Thomas Allen Reeder
Mert Rich
Susan Seeger
Tom Seeley
Elliot Shoenman
Sam Simon
Dan Staley
Jonathan Stark
Eugene B. Stein
Bill Steinkellner
Cheri Steinkellner
Kathy Ann Stumpe
Phoef Sutton
Max Tash
Miriam Trogdon
Michael J. Weithorn
David S. Williger