101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: CBS, 1996-2005

There was always something deceptively simple on display, in both its straightforward concept and skillful execution. Ray Romano had a well-developed sense of his comedy from years as a standup when he teamed with Phil Rosenthal, a former actor who had written for series like Baby Talk and Coach. Together they made if not TV history then something like it an intelligently done, four-camera family sitcom during an era when the rest of the sitcom business seemed to be doing cartwheels to figure out what people wanted to watch. Rosenthal, describing the kind of show he wanted to do, referred to how he'd read that Carl Reiner, on The Dick Van Dyke Show, would get story ideas by asking his writers, "What happened at your house this week?" "I thought that Everybody Loves Raymond could be the perfect vehicle for such thinking," Rosenthal said.

Credited Writers

Joe Bolster
Scott Buck
Tom Caltabiano
Leslie Caveny
Tucker Cawley
Cindy Chupack
Eric Cohen
Jennifer Crittenden
Tony Desena
Michael Feldman
Carol Gary
Jason Gelles
Alex Haley
Mike Haukom
Tod Himmel
Kevin James
Bruce Kirschbaum
Jay Kogen
Aaron Korsh
Adam Lorenzo
Steven James Meyer
Stephen Nathan
Lisa K. Nelson
Tim Peach
Frank Pines
David Regal
Ray Romano
Philip Rosenthal
Mike Royce
Joe Rubin
Ellen Sandler
Lew Schneider
Mike Scully
Aaron Shure
Steve Skrovan
Jeremy Stevens
Kathy Ann Stumpe
Miriam Trogdon
Susan Van Allen
George B. White III