101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: ABC, 2009-Present

The sweet spot on Modern Family, done as a mock documentary, is in exposing the growing pains for a culture confronting the fluid meaning of the mainstream family unit. Sitcom veterans Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan wrestled with how best to capture this in developing the series, knowing that audiences might find it difficult to follow three separate families each half-hour. That is, Lloyd said, until they arrived at a solution what if everyone in this peek into modern American family life was related? The mini-melting pot resonated with viewers, and earned Modern Family an Emmy as best comedy for its debut season, as well as writing honors for Lloyd, a longtime Frasier writer, and Levitan, creator of Just Shoot Me.

Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan on what's the hardest part of writing Modern Family 

Credited Writers

Cindy Chupack
Jerry Collins
Paul Corrigan
Bianca Douglas
Alex Herschlag
Abraham Higginbotham
Ben Karlin
Elaine Ko
Joe Lawson
Carol Leifer
Steven Levitan
Christopher Lloyd
Vanessa McCarthy
Dan O'Shannon
Jeffrey Richman
Brad Walsh
Ilana Wernick
Caroline Williams
Bill Wrubel
Danny Zuker