101 Funniest Screenplays

Cryogenically frozen after expiring during routine surgery sometime in the 1970s, Woody Allen awakens 200 years into a future where fruits and vegetables are the size of public monuments and human sexuality is an intimacy-free zone of automated pleasure, thanks to a contraption called the Orgasmatron. Soon Miles Monroe (Allen) finds himself tapped as a “sleeper” insurgent tasked by underground radicals with overthrowing the nation’s dictator (The Leader has been kept alive, though only as a nose). Diane Keaton is his reluctant love object. Keaton to Allen: “It’s hard to believe you haven’t had sex for 200 years.” Allen to Keaton: “Two-hundred-and-four if you count my marriage.” Allen channels silent comedy titans Chaplin and Keaton (Buster, that is), going undercover as a robot servant. Interviewed after being un-frozen, he offers hilarious explanations of unknown figures and objects of the long-ago past, including Richard Nixon, Norman Mailer and the Playboy centerfold.