101 Funniest Screenplays

“It’s Sunday morning in a quiet little, white-bread, redneck mountain town,” the denizens of South Park sing in the opening number of this cinematic spin-off of the TV series. A decade before Trey Parker and Matt Stone delivered their hilarious and highly un-PC Broadway musical Book of Mormon, they brought their hilarious and highly un-PC South Park to the big screen with no fewer than 15 songs (co-written by Marc Shaiman, who collaborated on Book of Mormon). While casting a typically wide net of satire, the film focused on the hypocrisy of the culture toward obscenity, via a storyline involving a scatological Canadian duo named Terrance and Philip, whose influence turns the kids of South Park into prolific swearers. War on Canada – “Blame Canada” as the song goes – is declared. For Parker, Stone and Brady, it was more a war against the MPAA, and a middle finger to authority.