Save the Open Internet

Without net neutrality, writers could see fewer opportunities. See what the WGAW is doing about it.

Congress Repeals the “Cadillac Tax”

The “Cadillac Tax” was permanently repealed on December 20, 2019. What is the “Cadillac Tax” and why did the WGAW oppose it?

Pension Policy

Federal policy affects our pension plan.

The Janus decision and the Workplace Democracy Act

The U.S. Supreme Court’s June decision in Janus v. AFSCME dealt a significant blow to public sector unions, effectively requiring them to provide the benefits of union representation to non-members for free.

Senate Bill 822

The WGAW joins California in the fight for an open internet. We need your help.

Merger Mania Reboot: Disney-Fox

Faced with the possibility of a behemoth merger that portends bad outcomes for writers, the Guild is mobilizing its forces on all fronts.

Make Competition Great Again!

Vigorous antitrust enforcement will create a flourishing marketplace for writers.

In Their Own Words

Writers speak out about creativity and the importance of an open Internet, and why it shouldn't be shut down.

A New Fight for the Open Internet

With the FCC set to gut its own rules for the Open Internet, the WGAW is ready to fight back.