Robert J. Elisberg's column offers guidance to writers trying to make sense of our bewildering technology-based universe.

This is a column that understands when people ask "How do I do this" what they actually mean is "Please tell me exactly what keys on my keyboard to hit." It's a column written for people who work and live in a profession that is technology-based, yet they themselves aren't.

May 2021
Well, Well, Well…

The Writers Workbench visits WellNow 2021, a virtual exhibition of health-related products, and hands out a Cool Thing Award for one thoughtful, new product.

February 2021
CES 2021: Sheltering at Ohm

The Writers Workbench (virtually) visits this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to find some of this year’s the most interesting products.

November 2020
Opening Night Cast

If your TV has become a close friend in recent months, you might consider investing in a new “casting” device. The Writers Workbench evaluates one of the latest, Chromecast with Google TV.

August 2020
Going To The Extreme

The Writers Workbench tests a SSD drive that takes the idea of speed and portability to the max.

January 2020
There’s No Place Like Ohm: CES 2020

The Writers Workbench makes its annual trek to “Disneyland for Adults” to seek out the winners of its “Cool Thing Awards.”

November 2019
It’s A Mobile World, After All

The Writers Workbench heads to a mobile-centric event to preview some intriguing new products including a 3D device that creates an immersive environment without headsets.

September 2019
Let There Be Light

The Writers Workbench reviews a powerful new product that’s two devices in one.

August 2019
More Power to You

TWW’s love for portable chargers continues with the myCharge Hub Universal, an all-in-one device that eliminates the need to remember and untangle multiple cords.

July 2019
Why Fi?

TWW looks at an elegant solution to the issue of making Wi-Fi accessible everywhere throughout your home.

May 2019
The Key to It All

The Writers Workbench finds a keyboard that’s small enough to take with you away from home yet large enough to do real-world typing at length.

April 2019
Holding Back the Surge

TWW reviews a product that will provide important protection for your devices.

January 2019
CES 2019: There’s No Place Like Ohm

TWW revisits CES to find the winners of its annual Cool Thing Awards and tests one technology that, without hyperbole, will likely be life-changing.

August 2018
Let There Be Light

The Writers Workbench spotlights two products that bring bright ideas to life.

March 2018
Whatever Suits You

The Writers Workbench steps out in style and reviews a sport coat that will help you take your home office with you on the road.

February 2018
There’s No Place Like Ohm: CES 2018

The Writers Workbench braves blackouts and the maniacal circus that is CES to search for the new products and technologies that will shape our future.

November 2017
Fall Harvest

The Writers Workbench reviews some humble devices that offer potential benefits for real-world needs.

September 2017
A Tale of Sound and Fury, Signifying Something

This month, we look at some especially portable devices for your sound and power needs.

July 2017
To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn

The Writers Workbench reviews a Bluetooth turntable that promises to make listening to your old LPs a lot easier.

May 2017
IFA GPC and Other Initials

TWW travels to Portugal to find out what’s next in the world of tech.

April 2017
Spring Potpourri

The Writers Workbench springs forward this month to bring you reviews of the latest must-have gadgets.